Bulla deploys on ETH Mainnet

Bulla deploys on ETH Mainnet

Makes batch process payroll faster, easier

Denver, CO (June 1, 2022) – Bulla Network, a Web3 invoicing, payments and accounting protocol, announced that its dApp, Bulla Banker is now deployed onto the Ethereum Mainnet. Bulla Network users with Gnosis Safe wallets can now batch process payroll quickly and easily and also import payroll via CSV import. Post-transaction, users receive a human-readable history and accounting, convenient for account management and record keeping.

There is only one public Ethereum Mainnet, allowing applications built on the Mainnet to interoperate, share data and leverage the full potential of the decentralized blockchain. Applications on the blockchain, like Bulla Network, can build new business models and optimize value-creation opportunities. Users of these applications get the benefit of reducing the cost of coordination between businesses and can competitively future-proof their organization (with document verification)??    

“We’re thrilled to offer users yet another way to make payments, send invoices and conduct payroll in a fast, easy, secure environment,” said Michael Revy, president and CEO of Bulla Network.

To launch the Bulla Network app, users can simply go to bulla.network and load their wallet.

BullaNetwork is a revolutionary new Web3 accounting protocol that, through its app, BullaBanker, allows users to quickly and easily conduct personal and commercial transactions on-chain.


Info: contact@bulla.network