Bulla Network launches first-ever Transaction Importer tool

New feature is accounting lifesaver, imports all on-chain transactions, creates unrivaled dashboard overview

Denver, CO  -- BullaNetwork, a Colorado blockchain technology developer, launched its one-of-a-kind Transaction Importer tool, further enhancing users’ ability to import, manage and report on all their on-chain activity.

Bulla Network is an invoicing, payments, payroll and account management dApp that allows users to make, organize and document all on-chain transactions in one easy-to-use dashboard. This powerful new feature, the Transaction Importer, acts like a personal multi-chain block explorer, automatically finding and importing users’ past and present external transactions into their live Bulla dashboard.

Able to search across 12 chains, this tool takes the place of doing individual scans of each chain and offers the most comprehensive past-present-future portfolio view anywhere on web3. Users can also add notes, comments and attachments to customize searches and enhance reporting, which will be extremely useful for tax season.  

“This innovation, which our users requested, will save a lot of time and hassle and continue to help our users get organized on-chain and optimize their tax reporting and financial planning,” said Mike Revy, Founder and CEO of Bulla Network.  

Bulla Network was launched in 2022 as a source of truth accounting solution that helps users manage their on-chain accounts as well as make payments, send invoices and handle payroll. The Bulla Banker app allows users to create, receive and pay invoices using their chain and token of choice. Bulla supports transactions and account management across 12 chains, including ETH Mainnet and Polygon, using any ERC-20 token.  

Watch a Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SemHN8AO1ao&ab_channel=MichaelRevy