BullaNetwork herds crypto payments for Flying Diamond Beef, enabling on-chain (cow)mmerce

BullaNetwork herds crypto payments for Flying Diamond Beef, enabling on-chain (cow)mmerce

Denver, CO, (March 2,, 2022) -- BullaNetwork, a Colorado and Switzerland-based Web3 developer, is enabling payments for individual sales of beef cuts from Flying Diamond Beef, through an agreement with Cattleproof, a DApp developer that helps producers maintain accurate cattle inventory with verified traceability, IoT compatibility and digital ledger immutability.

Through the Flying Diamond site, buyers can select from a variety of beef cuts, including rib eye, New York strip, short ribs and brisket, among others. And, using the BullaNetwork invoicing system, pay for the beef with cryptocurrency directly from their wallets. Forms of crypto accepted include: ETH, BTC, xDAI.

The offering is part of an innovative collaboration among several blockchain innovators to improve transparency and streamline the beef certification and sales process using decentralized technology.

The project was coordinated by Cattleproof, which developed a DApp to “NFT” individual cattle using a smart contract, encoding their genetic and environmental history and determining their quality without incurring the high costs associated with industry certifiers. To source the meat, CattleProof partnered with Flying Diamond Beef, the exclusive supplier of Wilson Flying Diamond Ranch. For the project, the ranch selected an elite herd of high-quality Red Angus steers which, via genetic testing, were determined to have the highest tenderness rating.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cattleproof, a true innovator and solutions-oriented tech developer for the livestock industry,” said Michael Revy, BullaNetwork Founder and CEO.

BullaNetwork is a revolutionary new Web3 accounting protocol that, through its app, BullaBanker, allows users to conduct bankless personal and commercial transactions in cryptocurrency completely on-chain.