‘Crypto Winter’ Tests 401k Plan Participants’ Faith

‘Crypto Winter’ Tests 401k Plan Participants’ Faith
Image credit: © Volodymyr Shtun | Dreamstime.com

Several challenges hit bitcoin that explain the bulk of the current bear market

by Ben Warwick, Bulla Network Advisory Board member

The game-changing announcement that Fidelity would allow bitcoin investments in their core 401k plans was undoubtedly one of the biggest cryptocurrency news items of 2022. Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell the market, as evidenced by the roughly 25% drop in bitcoin valuation since the story dropped.

But the last few months shouldn’t end the discussion.

Asset prices rise and fall, and crypto is no exception. According to Matthew Sigel, head of Digital Assets Research at New York-based Van Eck Advisors, the thesis for digital currencies is intact, and advisors should continue to engage clients on how the asset class should be positioned in qualified plans.

In that spirit, the following three talking points should help advisors navigate the discussion in this most nascent of asset classes.

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