Getting started

To use Bulla Network, you need a non-custodial wallet (e.g. MetaMask or WalletConnect).

Click here and connect your wallet.

This brings you to the dashboard where you can see and manage all your transactions.

Click the 'Create New' pull-down to invoice another party. Paste the other party’s wallet address in the “recipient’s address” box and select which ERC-20 token you would like to be paid in.

Continue to fill out the rest of the form, including a description of the transaction and due date.

Or watch our short demo video below.


The due date does not lock in anything regarding the payment; it just tells the recipient when you would like to be paid.

Upload File. Users can upload any files that are linked to the claim, like timesheets, scope of work, etc. We use IPFS to share your files on a decentralized system. See :

You can also add a tag to categorize the claim for future reference.

If you enter the recipient’s email (optional), they will receive notification that there is an invoice awaiting payment. (Emails are not recorded on the blockchain)

When you confirm the transaction, you create the invoice. This process mints the invoice as an NFT, and it can now be saved permanently on the blockchain.

The protocol mints 'BullaClaim721 V3' and should be viewable in an NFT browser or as NFTs in Gnosis Safes.

Bulla is deployed on testnet Goerli.  Get test ETH on Goerli here :

To use testnet, you must enable test networks on MetaMask under Add Network button

To configure other RPCs (chains) on MetaMask look under Add Network button and/or go here :

See our GitBooks for detailed examples of simple invoicing or multi-signature batch payroll examples.  

(note: sometimes, for first use, Gitbooks will give you an odd loading error - ignore to proceed)

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