Key Features

Bulla Network is a true Triple Entry Accounting protocol, creating an immutable shared source of truth between parties.

  • The Bulla Banker dApp, using the Bulla protocol, allows you to quickly and securely send invoices, make payments and manage all your business and personal accounts on-chain
  • With the Bulla protocol, you can mint, or “NFT” credit relationships with customers to facilitate scheduling future payments and invoices
  • Bulla also supports batch payments
  • There is no on-board, off-board – the protocol is permissionless, which means you can connect directly with your customers without a third party
  • How we’re different – ours is the only open source payments protocol on which developers can expand and build
  • Other available payment protocols are siloed and proprietary
  • Bulla Network is a purposely composable protocol to facilitate on-chain commerce
  • The Bulla protocol and its NFTs should allow you to monetize your minted NFTs and tap into the global capital market on the blockchain
  • Bulla Network accepts many forms of crypto, including USDC, xUSD, ETH and wBTC
  • We can also add any ERC20 so that DAOs with a native token can pay in that token

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