Bulla helps RSK bridge Trad-Fi and DeFi without mainnet cost

Bulla helps RSK bridge Trad-Fi and DeFi without mainnet cost

Bulla Network, a BTCMiami 2022 co-sponsor, is now minting NFT invoices on RSK, enabling more BTC functionality without mainnet costs, encouraging BTC use, & growing the BTC ecosystem. Founder, CEO Mike Revy will be at the RSK booth to demo the new protocol.

Why is this needed?

  • BTC holders can conduct transactions, manage DAOs w/o  leaving BTC ecosystem
  • Saves cost of invoicing on ETH mainnet
  • Blockchains need this standardized credit protocol to scale and expand commerce

How Bulla Network works

  • The Bulla Protocol tokenizes credit to enable decentralized commerce.

This means the protocol

  • Mints a token to represent both sides of a transaction fully on-chain
  • Updates “books” for all parties instantaneously
  • Is a transparent auditable source of truth

Practical and social implications

  • DAOs can invoice, conduct payroll and manage treasuries fully on-chain
  • Fast, easy, secure international payments for Trad-Fi companies and institutions
  • Instant AP/AR settlement, auditing becomes obsolete
  • Enables metaverse payments & transactions
  • Growing the BTC ecosystem increases financial freedom and

Co-sponsorship with RSK at BTC Miami 2022

  • Enabling maximum commerce on the blockchain has great potential to broaden use of BTC, which is why Bulla Network and RSK are teaming up at BTCMiami 2022

Bulla Network is a revolutionary new Web3 accounting protocol that, through its app, Bulla Banker, allows users to conduct bankless personal and commercial transactions in cryptocurrency completely on-chain.

RSK is the most secure smart contract network in the world and enables decentralized applications secured by the Bitcoin Network to empower people and improve the quality of life for millions.