BullaNetwork partners with Harmony to launch app on their network

$50,000 Harmony grant will help build fully native collaborative DeFi platform

Denver, CO -- BullaNetwork, a Colorado-based blockchain technology developer, will receive a $50,000 award from the Harmony project, an open-platform cross-chain layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum applications. The grant is part of Harmony’s $300-million funding effort to drive blockchain adoption.

BullaNetwork was one of 500 teams to receive a $50,000 tiered launch award, designed to help with product development, fundraising and talent recruitment. Completed products will launch on the Harmony network, adding to the Harmony environment and helping BullaNetwork grow its user base.  

“We’re thrilled to partner with Harmony, the leader in scaling the DeFi universe,” said Michael Revy, BullaNetwork Founder and CEO. “This grant is part of our plan to grow our ecosystem on as many chains as possible.”

BullaNetwork launched BullaBanker, a revolutionary new app that allows users to conduct bankless personal and commercial transactions in crypto: ETH, BTC, xDAI, earlier this year.

BullaBanker works like PayPal or Venmo for crypto. Users with a connected wallet can instantly send invoices, pay bills, and manage their accounts in a safe, secure and low-fee environment without using a bank or third-party institutions. The app follows a stakeholder capitalism model -- instead of paying fees to the bank for transaction processing, users will have the ability to offset fees by holding and staking BULLA tokens.

In addition to facilitating bankless Web 3.0 b2b and p2p transactions, the Bulla Protocol offers a complete range of money management, budgeting and expense-sharing capabilities.

Harmony, whose mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and low fees, is trying to improve the scaling ability of decentralized technology.